Kevin Hutton - Director Sandy M. Rinker - Supervisor of Adult Programs Julie Maxwell - Assistant Director of Secondary Education Chris Dalton - Assistant Director for Marketing and Programs Deborah Rhodes - Job Placement Coordinator


Jerry Arbogast - Building Management Instructor Ashely Armstrong - Cosmetology Instructor Stephanie Brown - Fire and Rescue Instructor Kim Capasso - Architecture and Interior Design Instructor Stephanie Carpenter - Health Occupations Director Peggy Croy - Dental Assistant Instructor Mary Crowe - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Instructor Laurie Damron - Vet Assistant Instructor Tabitha Daniel - Visual Effects & 3D Animation Instructor Traci Dingus - Practical Nursing Instructor Tiffany Estep - Veterinary Science Instructor Lisa Jenkins - Practical Nusring Instructor Rachel Jenner - Resource/Instructional Coach Joy Kauffman - Practical Nursing Instructor Rebekka Lindsay - Health Careers Instructor Eric McDorman - Collision Repair Instructor Jason Miller - Automotive Technology Instructor Amelia Montesano - Dental Assistant Instructor Derek Morgan - HVAC Instructor Gloria Ottaviano - Special Education/VEP Coordinator Christine Pearson - Health Careers Instructor Brandon Plogger - Criminal Justice Instructor Julie Riley - School Counselor Buddie Ritchie - Cybersecurity Instructor Tara Roberts - Culinary Arts Instructor David Scott - Building Management Instructor James Sellers Sattva - Electricity Instructor Lee Smith - Diesel Technology Instructor Maura Smith - Resource/Special Education Eric Stogdale - Agriculture Production Instructor John Stover - Welding and Metalwork Instructor Terry Taylor - Automotive Technology Instructor Neil Tucker - Carpentry Instructor Rebecca Ullrich - Criminal Justice Instructor Heidi Wheeler - Cosmetology Instructor

Support Staff

Jessica Beasley - Continuing Education Secretary

Richard Bowen - Instructional Assistant

Missy Cline - Continuing Education Secretary

Selena Cowger - Night Secretary

Richard Crawford - Custoidan

Jerry Critcher - Instructional Assistant

Heather Frady - MTC School Nurse

Jill Glick - Bookkeeper

Patricia Hawse - Custoidan

Shellie Huber - Bookkeeper

Lindsey Lam - Instructional Assistant

Randy Michael - Maintenance

Donna Neff - Receptionist/Secretary

Cary Olinger - Head Custodian

Melody Pannell - Administrative Secretary

Carol Rhodes - Custodian

Gordon Shantz - Instructional Assistant

Tammy Stoutamyer - Instructional Assistant

Toby Swortzel - Network Administrator

Shannon Trabosh - Attendance Secretary

Terri Whetzel - Adult Education Specialist

Gerald Will - Instructional Assistant