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For high school seniors and adults looking to successfully complete a Licensed Practical Nursing program, Massanutten Technical Center offers an 18-month program that begins every August. 

First-year students spend one-half day at MTC in pre-clinical instruction, which includes the study of the structure and function of the body, principles of nutrition, basic nursing skills, pharmacology, dosage calculation, and introduction to the nursing care of the adult client. This is followed by a second 36-week phase of instruction, which has 15 hours per week of classroom instruction and 14 hours per week providing nursing care to clients under teacher supervision in the acute care setting (RMH), as well as in the long-term care setting. Second-year students follow a full-time class and clinical schedule.

High school students are encouraged to speak with a guidance counselor at their home school to obtain scheduling information and testing information for the PN program.


In order to apply for the Practical Nursing program, students must register for the information session at MTC.  The nursing entrance test will be conducted remotely. The information session will be held in person at MTC.  CLICK HERE for the information session form. Please complete it and return it to our office. ***YOU MUST COME TO THE OFFICE TO PICK UP YOUR APPLICATION IN PERSON***


Please be advised, the TEAS test is a computerized test involving Math, Science, English and Reading. Persons wanting to apply are required to have basic knowledge of computers and a working email address in order to take the TEAS Entrance Test. CLICK HERE for directions on how to take the remote TEAS test.


The program is approved by the VA Board of Nursing. Graduates are eligible to apply for the State Board examination leading to licensure as a Practical Nurse.


NCLEX Pass Rates for MTC Graduates:

2016: 89.29%

2017: 76.9%

2018: 100%

2019: 91.67%

2020: 82.76%

2021: 92.86%

For more information on the nursing program, please call (540) 434-5962.


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