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What is an apprenticeship?


Apprenticeship is a training program which allows individuals to prepare for a skilled occupation through supervised training on the job (OJT) with classroom instruction (Related Instruction).

Who is an apprentice?


An apprentice is a person (at least 16 years old) who is learning a trade through on-the-job training and classroom instruction in accord with State apprenticeship standards.

What are the requirements for registration for an apprentice?


Individuals who wish to become apprentices must officially be registered with the Virginia Apprenticeship Council.


First, the employer must have a registered apprenticeship program in place with the Department of Labor. If the employer does not have a program, an appointment must be made with the local Department of Labor representative, Faith Clayton, in order for apprenticeship registration to begin. The number for Faith Clayton in Verona is (540)-248-9280.

After an apprenticeship program has been established through the Dept. of Labor, the employer can then register employees into his/her program. Apprenticeship Action Forms, which can be picked up either at Massanutten Technical Center or through the Dept. of Labor, must have signatures from both the soon-to-be apprentice and the employer. This form must be turned in to either MTC or the Dept. of Labor in order for the apprentice to be registered.

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