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Massanutten Technical Center (MTC),  began serving the community in 1972 as a joint career and technical education center serving the students of  Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County Public Schools. We offer classes to local high school and adult students in a variety of career areas. Massanutten Technical Center is a leader in the Commonwealth of Virginia in career and technical education.


MTC in the community


MTC plays a vital role in the community that directly benefits area students, businesses, and citizens alike.  Area businesses have access to economical, high-quality training services for their employees and a steady supply of highly skilled potential employees.  With MTC in the community, adults can continue their education, and working men and women can acquire new skills that greatly enhance their career prospects.  At MTC, high school students are prepared for a future of lifetime learning and career success.

MTC History


The plans for a Vocational-Technical Center in Harrisonburg began in 1968 when the school board authorized a survey to be conducted relating to the needs and desires of such a facility. As a result of this survey, it was decided to proceed with the planning and development of the center.


The building was designed by D’Earcy P. Davis, Jr. and Associates and originally contained 53,375 square feet of floor space.


With Edward S. Long, Jr. as principal and Arthur W. Mitchell as assistant principal, students from four high schools in Rockingham County and Harrisonburg High School were enrolled in 12 original vocational-technical areas. On opening day, August 28, 1971, 261 students were enrolled.


In 1973, the first adult enrollment program began with 12 programs and 160 adults enrolled. In 1977, a 3,225-square foot addition to MTC went under construction, with the students from maintenance and repair, drafting, plumbing, heating, masonry, and electricity doing most of the work! That same year, MTC added a computer room center and in 1978, an addition was built onto the west end of the main building which now holds the Dental Assistant program). The East building, which now holds Vet Assistant and Collision Repair, opened in 1980, three years after construction began.


In 1985, the Continuing Education building, the “West” building, was built on the hill, which now holds all GED and adult classes.


In 2009, the East building expanded, adding on the Health and Public Safety building for the nursing, Fire and Rescue and Criminal Justice programs.

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