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Registration Dates:  Click on the GED & ELL Schedule link below for Registration dates and times!

Time:  Click on the GED & ELL Schedule link below for Registration dates and times!


Please note when registering:

Classes are subject to change with cancelations or additions to the schedule. We offer classes in the morning or evening. A $40 fee per class is due at the time of registration. Payment method in person with cash/check, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover. Need photo ID. Allow about one hour to complete GED and ELL registration. Every student must complete information forms and take a placement test. Students will be assigned to a class once registration is completed.

  • ELL Schedule at Massanutten Technical Center
    Classes are offered both morning and evening. Literacy: T&Th 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm Beginning: T&Th 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm Intermediate: T&Th 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm Advanced: T&Th 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm EL-Civics: M&W 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm Advanced English Courses: Reading & Writing: M 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm Speaking: W 9am - 12 pm or 6pm - 9pm
  • Who can take ELL classes at MTC?
    Classes are open to individuals age 18 and above (16 & 17 year olds with special permission). Instruction and materials focus on the adult learner’s individual needs, such as basic acquisition of the English language and basic communication and life skills.
  • What can I expect during Registration?
    During registration, you will complete student information forms and take an oral and reading placement exam. This helps us to identify the areas where you need the most help. The process will take 1-2 hours to complete. Students will be assigned to a class once registration has been completed. Please bring a photo ID and $40.00.
  • What classes are offered in the ELL Program?
    Advanced English: We offer advanced English training for non-native speakers to help transition them to higher education. These include Advanced Reading, Listening and Speaking, Advanced Writing and ESOL Plus. Listening and Speaking: Course objectives include pronunciation of sounds, conversations, tongue twisters, reading for meter and rhythm and listening and speaking in small groups. Advanced Writing: Course objectives include development of good basic writing skills. This course reviews basic sentence writing and parts of a paragraph, details and organization, time order and cause and effect. Focus will be given to short stories with focus on the author’s purpose, plot and setting and facts and opinions. Students will also learn the writing process of an essay. ELL Plus: ESOL Plus is a course designed for the advanced English language learners who want to improve his/her skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing English beyond the traditional ESOL classroom. This class will prepare students for taking the GED® and/or college classes, depending on each student’s goals. Students can expect to participate in class discussions, debates, keep a journal, write poetry and learn to edit writing to improve basic English writing.
  • What is the cost of each class?
    The cost is $40 per class to register.
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