Work-Based Learning


The Work-Based Learning Program is designed to link high school students to actual business and industry within an organized educational work-experience setting. This method of instruction combines career and technical classroom instruction with employment that is directly related to the classroom instruction. Both student instruction and employment are planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s career objectives and employability.

Admission Process:  Students must be recommended by their instructor based on set criteria relating to personal traits, work performance and employability skills.  Students must then complete the Student Application for Admittance. A Training Station will be contacted by the student, instructor, or coordinator.  Once the student is interviewed and a suitable employment setting is established, a Program Agreement is signed by all parties involved.

Criteria for Student Selection: 

  • Students must be enrolled and in good standing in the second year of their program at Massanutten Technical Center.

  • Students should maintain a satisfactory scholastic record.

  • Students should possess acceptable character traits.

  • Students must have consent of parent or guardian if under 18 years of age.

  • Students must have a satisfactory attendance record.

  • Students should demonstrate competence in prerequisite skills.

Benefits of Work-Based Learning Programs:  Students eligible for work-based programs may work in place of MTC instruction or in addition to classroom hours as required by each particular department. Students are supervised and evaluated regularly by the employer and coordinator, and reports/grades are turned over to the MTC program instructor. As a result of this experience, students will have the opportunity to learn useful employment skills on real jobs with skilled professionals.  Another important aspect of this training will be to develop an understanding, appreciation, and respect for work and workers. The Work-Based Learning Program helps make the transition from school to employment easier and more applicable to personal interests and job skills. Students who are successful in their training site may be offered full-time employment upon graduation. Perhaps the most beneficial feature of this program is the opportunity to develop direct links and contacts into the businesses and industries in our community.