Veterinary Assistant


What is the Vet Assistant program?

The Veterinary Assistant Program is an introductory course in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Students will explore various careers in Veterinary Science and learn specific skills as a Veterinary Assistant. This class teaches small animal health care and how to assist the veterinarian with routine examinations, pet handling, feeding and grooming.

The Course will include:

  • Animal Handling and Restraint
  • Identifying Different Breeds and Species of Animals
  • Emergency Care and First Aid
  • Kennel Maintenance
  • Proper Grooming
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Medical Terminology/ Record Keeping
  • Administering Treatments and Medications
  • Common Diseases and Medical Conditions
  • Animal Diet and Nutrition

To Enroll or for Additional Information:

Contact the Continuing Education Department at Massanutten Technical Center. (540)434-5962