Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts I curriculum provides students with the foundations for a comprehensive knowledge of the food service industry and with the opportunities to build technical skills. Students examine and practice basic rules and procedures related to kitchen and food safety, sanitation procedures and emergency measures. Learners study the use and care of commercial equipment and operation of various food service establishments. Students realize the purchasing and receiving of goods and study fundamental nutrition principles/guidelines. As they explore food preparation techniques, students practice applying these techniques to the preparation and serving of basic food products. The curriculum places strong emphasis on science and mathematics knowledge and skills. Students test out for the ServSafe Food Handling Certificate. Students will develop leadership skills and participate in various community activities through membership in SkillsUSA.

Culinary Arts II expands on the comprehensive knowledge of the food service industry and their technical skills. Students practice and build on skills from year one and expand on nutritional principles, food preparation, and advanced techniques including guard manager and baking, refine their dining room serving skills, develop menus, perform on-site and off-site catered functions, and strengthen their business, science and math skills. Students prepare for occupations such as chef/cook, baker/pastry decorator, hospitality worker, dietetic aide/assistant, food demonstrator, and entrepreneur. Students may receive on-the-job training in an approved position. Students continue to have opportunities through SkillsUSA. Dual Enrollment opportunities are available for this class. **Certifications: ServSafe, ProStart.