Continuing Education Overview

The Continuing Education Department at MTC covers a broad range of adult training options. This includes courses in the trade and industrial areas, nursing, dental, cosmetology, business and computer technology. We provide more than 75 courses that train over 1,500 adults annually. We are dedicated to preparing adults for employment in an every changing job market.

MTC is also a regional center that offers apprenticeship training for our community. Currently, we work with over 50 different companies in sponsoring apprenticeship training. After completion of one of our state approved apprenticeship programs, an individual will receive a journeyman certification which is a nationally recognized credential.

In addition to offering classes like journeyman certification courses, our school is happy to assist companies in offering specialized and customized training. Whether it's a one day seminar or year long course - we can create a program that fits your company's needs!

If you are looking to enhance your current skills, gain new knowledge for increased job marketability or just want to have fun, the MTC Continuing Education can meet your needs.