Computer Repair and Computer Networking


This course provides students with the opportunity to develop skills needed to begin a career in building, installing, and repairing computers and basic networks. Students study computer hardware, operating principles, system configuration, operating systems, troubleshooting, and an introduction to networking. Hands-on laboratory exercises, computer-aided instruction, and various reference materials are used to supplement the classroom instruction. All topics included on the CompTIA A+ Exam are covered in class.

In computer networking, networking and cabling are covered in greater depth, students will learn to implement and administer a simple network, and a majority of the topics on the CompTIA Network + Exam will be covered.

All topics included in the CompTIA A+ exam will be covered in class. Students are encouraged to take the A+ Certification test at the end of the first year. MTC can offer students discount vouchers for the A+ test.

A+ Certification is considered the nationally recognized standard for computer technicians. Many community colleges will grant college course credit for A+ Certification.

Most topics on the CompTIA Network+ exam will be covered.