Auto Technology


This program provides a thorough
understanding of the mechanics of the automobile geared towards the Maintenance and Light Repair G1 Certification.

The instruction is divided into nine teaching modules:

  • G1. Introduction to Auto Technology MLR

  • ASE 1. Engine Repair

  • ASE 2. Automatic Transmission and Transaxle

  • ASE 3. Manual Drive Train and Axles

  • ASE 4. Steering and Suspension

  • ASE 5. Brakes

  • ASE 6. Electrical and Electronic Systems

  • ASE 7. Heating and Air Conditioning

  • ASE 8. Engine Performance

Students will develop mechanical and diagnostic skills and learn to use the most up-to-date tools and equipment. Emphasis will be placed on ASE Certificate, Motor Vehicle Safety and Inspection Licensing. preparation throughout all phases of this program. Graduates are encouraged to continue their education at community colleges or technical institutes.

In the first year, the curriculum is comprised of 60 percent automotive fundamental theory and 40 percent shop/laboratory work.

In the second year of the program, 30 percent of class time is allocated to automotive theory and 70 percent to hands-on shop work.

Did you know?

A report to Congress noted that, when hundreds of occupations were rated according to required skill level, auto and heavy-duty technicians were rated as requiring a high-skill level. In fact, they "were among the highest skill level occupations.

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