Architecture and Interior Design


This program at MTC prepares graduates for a variety of entry-level drafting positions in architecture, construction, manufacturing, interior design, and civil engineering design.  Students will develop basic manual and intermediate computer-aided drafting skills using innovative technology, principles, and techniques.  The draftsman will make use of specialized software such as AutoCAD 2013 and Adobe Photoshop while incorporating Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point software programs.

Our graduates will be introduced to many aspects of technical drawing, drafting design, and computer applications.  First-year students will learn the basics of drafting and CAD (computer assisted drafting) at a comfortable pace and will “taste” a variety of drafting applications.  Second-year students will experience realistic CAD design through practical applications, including projects such as mapping and lot layout, residential design and construction plans, and interior design and marketing. 

Graduates will complete the program with a professional portfolio and résumé useful for a job interview or college application.  Certification is available through NOCTI (National Occupational Certification Testing Institute), and obtaining this certificate demonstrates proficiency in nationally recognized drafting practices and standards.  Credit is given at Blue Ridge Community College following successful completion of MTC’s Architecture and Interior Design program.



A virtual tour of the classroom and lab.