Auto Body


Auto Body I

Students learn the basics of collision repair. We start out learning surface preparation (sanding) which covers the steps involved in cleaning sandpaper grit selection, basic sanding, imperfection removal, hand and power tool operation.

Masking: is the second unit we cover. Students learn to identify masking materials, masking technique, steps involved in the masking process. Students learn some custom masking techniques like flames.

Paint skills and technique: students lean spray technique spray gun selection and operation. Students perform basecoat clear coat application and some custom painting.

Dent repair: Students learn sheet metal repair and straightening, body filler selection and application, body filler sanding and shaping techniques.

Auto Body II

Auto Body II students learn metal fabrication skills. Students learn MIG welding safety and operation, rust repair, structural panel removal and replacement.

Painting: Students learn paint mixing skills, Blend prepping and paint application for proper color match, priming skills and some Air brush skills.

Dent repair: Students fabricate a metal patch and then prep it for body filler. Students learn heat shrinking and advance body working skills.

Plastic repair: Students learn how to identify automotive plastics. Students perform plastic repairs using adhesives and plastic welding.

Detailing and buffing: Students perform paint imperfection repairs such as dirt removal and run removal.